Furusato Gujo TV

This is an excellent food product made by Mr. Otsubo of Jidaiya-Okuni. It is made of chili, Yatsubusa-Togarashi in Japanese, from local farmers. There are 7 flavors of them: Geki-kara(super hot), O-kara(very hot), Chu-kara(hot), Ama-kara(a bit hot), Myoga(Japanese ginger) flavor, Shiso(Perilla) flavor.

Mr. Otsubo says that originally Ha-Nanban had been eaten commonly in this area as a preserved food. But now few people cook it at home. Since he worked out his own recipes of them over decades ago, he has been making the Ha-Nanban products by himself. There are so many big fans of them in Japan.

He smiles, " I like challenging something different. So I've been trying new ideas." Special tips at this shop are his collections exhibited there: samurai armors, Japanese spears, Japanese swords, etc.

810 Ote-machi, Hachiman-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan