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Haru-machi-ninjin, carrot

Haru-machi-ninjin, the super sweet carrot, is grown in Hirugano highlands which has more than 2 meters snow in winter.

Why the carrot is so sweet? The secret is the way of the harvest of carrots. The harvest time of carrots is in fall in Japan. But the Haru-machi-ninjin carrots are harvested by hands in early spring. During the winter they stay under the snow. It sweetens the Haru-machi-ninjin carrot like a fruit.

The products of them are “Haru-machi-ninjin ジュース(juice)”and “にんじんドレッシング(ninjin dressing)”. 1.5 kg carrots are used for a 720ml bottle of juice.

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