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Okumino sauce

Marushou Jouzou-jo is a miso maker. In their factory, you can always listen to classical music.

Now they make the Okumino sauce which is made from tomato, onion, apple, and so on. They put a small amount of soy sauce in it to give it a subtle flavor. This is the secret of good taste.

They mature the sauce in casks for around 100 days. This is a very popular item for Japanese families.

株式会社 丸昌醸造場(Marushou Jouzou-jo Co.)
ADD: 476 Tamezan, Shirotori-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
TEL: +81-(0)575-82-2009
FAX: +81-(0)575-82-5606
E-mail: info@marushojozojo.ne.jp