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Shokuhin-sanpuru, Food replica shop

The plastic food samples you see outside restaurants or cafes throughout Japan was invented by Iwasaki Takizo from Gujo Hachiman.

In 1932 Iwasaki succeeded in making the first food replica, "Omelet". Fluffy omelet with a drop of thick red ketchup on top impressed people at the time. He developed the manufacturing technology and the system of mass-production.

Food replicas at display in the window of restaurants are very convenient because they give you clear look of what they serve and save you time in deciding what you want to eat. For this reason, it spread quickly to so many restaurants in Japan.

At their place, many collections of food replicas, such as Sushi, Japanese sweets, a humongous pizza with melting cheese, a jug of beer with spilling foam are at display. Those are praised, as "it's hard to tell from the real one when they are in pictures."

They have hands-on experience for visitors. Many their items, such as key chain or miniature works, are available to buy at shops in Gujo area.

岩崎模型製造株式会社(Iwasaki Mokei Seizou Co.)
ADD:250 Jounan-cho, Hachiman-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
*TEL for reservation:+81-(0)575-65-3378