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Nagaragawa tetsudo, railway

Locals call this railway Nagatetsu or rail-bus. This railway is 72.1 kilometers long and the line runs between Mino-Ota Station in Minokamo city to Hokuno Station in Gujo city. Many students in this region take it daily to school.

There is a really unique point on the line. It is the Kodakara-no-yu, a hot spring at the Minami-Kodakara-no-yu Station. The hot spring is located on the platform. Train users take the hot spring for free.

There are other advantageous tickets, such as a railway ticket including accommodation, etc.
The view from the train window is wonderful in every season. You can see the Japanese satoyama scenes. That is why this train has big fans not only Japanese but also non Japanese people.

長良川鉄道株式会社(Nagaragawa tetsudo Co.)
ADD: 74-1 Motoshige-cho, Seki city, Gifu, Japan
TEL: +81-(0)575-23-3921
FAX: +81-(0)575-23-3927