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Gujo Miso

みそ(miso) is soybean paste. It is a fermented, High-protein seasoning which is used in various Japanese dishes. Miso is one of the most important foods in Japan.

Almost every family in Gujo used to make miso at home. Each family had own recipe. Miso is a necessity for Japanese diet.

郡上みそ(Gujo miso) is made by Yamakura Outsubo Shouyu Co. It is rather softer than ordinary miso. It took nearly 100 years before the miso recipe was fixed around 1960.

Miso is very nice seasoning to mix with other seasonings, such as mayonnaise, cjilli. Please try to use miso with your cooking.

ヤマクラ大坪醤油株式会社(Yamakura Outsubo Shouyu Co. )
ADD: 220-1 Shirotori, Shirotori-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
TEL: +81-(0)575-82-2017
FAX: +81-(0)575-82-4253
E-mail: gujomiso@wonder.ocn.ne.jp