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Meiho Kei-chan

Kei-chan is a local dish of Gujo/Hida districts of central Honshu, Japan.
First the chicken is soaked in the sauce made from miso(fermented soybean paste), soy sauce, garlic, etc. And then they are pan-fried with vegetables, such as cabbage or onion. Each family and shop have own recipes.

In 2007 the Meiho Kei-chan Kenkyu Iinkai, Kei- chan association, was established in Meiho area. They made a "Kei-chan no Sato Map". It shows you where to eat it, where to buy it, where to stay and eat it in Meiho area.

The association members joined a big gourmet competition, B-1 Grand Prix in Atsugi, held in 2010. Meiho Kei-chan won great popularity in that event.

"Any vegetable goes well with Meiho Kei-chan, the seasoned chicken. In summer I pick up eggplants or green peppers from my kitchen garden, and cook with the Meiho kei-chan", a member of the association says.

CONTACT:Meiho Kei-chan Iinkai, Kei- chan R&D association