Furusato Gujo TV
Michi-no-eki Wara, a service area for drivers

Wara area in Gujo is well known for the great salamanders living in the Wara River. Great salamander is the country appointment special natural monument in Japan. They can only live in a very clear river in a valley of western Honshu and Kyushu area in Japan.

In the buildings there are free rest rooms and space, a store, a coffee shop, tennis courts and gate-ball area. It takes about 32 minutes by car from Gujo-Hachiman IC.

Interesting spots to visit around there are 戸隠神社(Togakushi-jinja, Shinto shrine), 重ね岩(Kasane-iwa, very big rocks behind the Togakushi-jinja), 蛇穴(Ja-ana, spring water).

SHOP: 道の駅 和良(Michi-no-eki Wara)
ADD: 1155 Miyachi, Wara-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
TEL: +81-(0)575-77-2353
OPEN: 8:00am-5:00pm
CLOSED: Tuesdays