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Ayu no Tomozuri

Ayu, sweetfish has been deeply concerned with Japanese culture for a long time. Ayu is an edible fish. Its flesh has a distinctive, sweet flavour with melon or cucumber aromas. It is consequently highly prized as a food fish.

Ayu caught in Gujo city is called Gujo ayu. And it won the first prize in the Seiryuu Meguri Kikiayu Taikai, a countrywide ayu competition.

The main methods for catching ayu are by means of fly fishing, by using a trap, and by fishing with a decoy which is known as ayu-no-tomozuri in Japan. The decoy is a living ayu placed on a hook, which swims when immersed into water. It provokes the territorial behavior of the wild ayu. When the wild ayu assaults the decoy/intruder, it get caught.

There are many big fans of ayu fishermen in Japan. Gujo city is the place which has the crystal-clear rivers for them.

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