Furusato Gujo TV

It stands in 石徹白(Itoshiro) region of Gujo city. This is a divine, some 1,800 years old tree. It is one of Japan’s few giant trees. That is why it is called 石徹白大杉 (Itoshiro-Oosugi), the giant Japanese cedar in Itoshiro.

The location of the tree used to be very significant for Hakusan Shinkou, a religion from the holy mountains of Hakusan.

The Itoshiro-Oosugi had been the landmark for the Buddhist monks who leaded an ascetic life in the mountains. Now there is a hiking course in that area. Everyone can enjoy the nature with the historical sites.

It takes 43 minutes by car from Shirotori IC of the Tokai Hokuriku Jidousha-do.

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