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Koi nobori-no-Kanzarashi no Gujo-Honzome

郡上本染(Gujo dyeing) is the locally produced indigo dye. Now the Watanabe family is the only dyers in Gujo-Hachiman who pass down the traditional art of dyeing. The Watanabe dye shop was established in the early Edo period and has 420 years of history.

Every January 寒ざらし(the seasonal event of rinsing carp streamers) is held on the bank of the Yoshida river. The homemade glue are put onto some parts of 鯉のぼり(koi nobori) fabric to keep the pigment from getting onto them. By rinsing the fabrics in the water, not only is the glue taken off the dyed carp streamer, but also does the fabric get tighten and vivid colors emerge.

鯉のぼり(Koi nobori, Carp streamer) has been considered auspicious since old time. When you have a baby boy, the family put the carp streamers up on their roof wishing for their son's health and success.

PLACE: the Yoshida river, Hachiman-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
DATE: the day of 大寒(daikan) in January and the first weekend of February
  * the dates are fixed in November