Furusato Gujo TV
a festival rite of Hoshinomiya-jinja, shrine in Minami-cho

星の宮神社(the Hoshinomiya-jinja) shrine is built by FUJIWARA-no-Takamitsu under the Imperial command in 947. It is one of 6 shrines for the Kouga-san mountain worship.

The locals wear the traditional costumes and dedicated 獅子起こし(Shishi-okoshi) dance and 神楽(kagura) dance and music in the spring festival rite of Hoshinomiya-jinja shrine.

There is a mountain stream by the side of the shrine. Its emerald green water is so clean and cold even in high summer.

PLACE: Hoshinomiya-jinja shrine
ADD: Takasago, Minami-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
DATE: April 12th and 13th