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Hatsu-uma Shinji

養蚕(yousan, sericulture) has been a very important industry in Japan since throughout the ages. It was prosperous before in Gujo, now a few sericulturists continue their works.

初午神事(Hatsu-uma Shinji) is a yearly festival rite which is held on the first 午の日(uma-no-hi) day in February. The date is fixed according to the Japanese old calendar.

A lot of cocoon-shaped dumplings are made by the region people. The people dedicate them to the God, and pray the success of sericulture industry for the year.

After the rite, the dumplings are scattered to visitors to the Shinto shrine.

VENUE:Hakusan-jinja, Shinto shrine
ADD: 328 Futamate, Meiho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
Date:the nearest Sunday or Saturday to the Hatsuuma-day