Furusato Gujo TV

The waterway system in Gujo-Hachiman was originally constructed by the castle lord 遠藤常友(ENDO Tsunetomo 1628-1676). Since then, the water has been used by town people for their daily life: washing rice and vegetables, doing the laundries, watering, etc.

せぎ板(Segi-ita), a wooden water barrier is a very convenient tool. It can make the water level higher and people can use the water running in the waterway easily.

Almost every house in 柳町(Yanagi-machi) and 職人町(shokunin-machi) area has its own せぎ板(Segi-ita).
They can use the water in front of their house at anytime they need. This is really wonderful and useful water system which was made long time ago.

PLACE:Yanagi-machi & Shokunin-machi area in Gujo-Hachiman
DATE:all the year