Furusato Gujo TV
the last sericulturist in Gujo

The sericultural industry used to be prosperous in Gujo region. Now 国松家(the Kunimatsus) is the last sericulturist in Gujo.

“I was afraid of 蚕(kaiko,the silkworms) at first”, 国松ばあちゃん(Kunimatsu-Baachan, Mrs./granny Kunimatsu) says with a smile, “I have been living with them for a long time, now I feel affectionately towards them”.

Raising silkworms is a time-consuming job. For example, growing the mulberry tree is very important, but so backbreaking job. Silkworms eat so much its leaves. Mr. and Mrs. Kunimatsu spend a lot of time and effort to make good quality leaves for them.

The beautiful doll is made with colored 繭(mayu, cocoons). Making your original doll or other items with them would be a lot of fun.