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Hoshinomiya-jinja(Shinto shrine) and NISHIGOTOU Yasuhiko, the Shinto priest

星宮神社, Hoshinomiya-jinja is located in Minami region in Gujo city. It is a significant Shinto shrine with 1,300 years history.

西神頭 安彦(NISHIGOTOU Yasuhiko), the current Shinto priest of this shrine is the 39th family head. It is said that his family trace their ancestry back to 泰澄(Taichou,682-767), the founder of白山信仰(the Hakusan faith).

円空(Enkuu: 1632-1695) is a Buddhist monk who led an ascetic life. He is very famous that he carved about 120,000 images of Buddha in his life. All those are called 円空仏(Enkyuu-Butsu). It is said that Enkuu was born in Minami-cho area of Gujo city.

He traveled many places from Hokkaido(Japan’s second largest island) to Shikoku (Japan’s fourth main island) and Kyushu(Japan’s third largest island)). So his works have been found from many places in Japan. You can see about 90 his works at 美並ふるさと会館(Minami Furusato Kaikan) which adjoins the Shinto shrine.

星宮神社・美並ふるさと館 (Hoshinomiya-jinja, Shinto shrine & Minami Furusato Kaikan)
ADD: Takasago, Minami-cho, Gujo city, Gifu, Japan
*15 minutes from Minami IC of Tokai-Hokuriku Jidosha-do, highway